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HDMI 10 Meter Cable

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Special Price ₦10,000 Regular Price ₦12,000
  •   HDMI Connectivity - you're sure of high-def crisp, clear images and digital sound
  •   Connects HD components that have HDMI ports
  •   Offers HDMI to HDMI connectivity
  •   Supports 1080p high-definition resolution
  •   Quality cable with resistance to EMI and RFI interference
  •   Compatible with devices with HDMI port: HDTV, Blu-Ray player, PS3, Xbox 360, many projectors, etc
  •   Easy to use, plug n'play cable - connect and use
  •   Up to 10.2 Gbps bandwidth
Enjoy the best quality visuals and audio with stunning image display that's crisp, clear and rich. That's the beauty of high definition visuals and digital audio, giving you sublime entertainment quality. All that is yours with HDMI-enabled high definition connectivity. HDMI connectivity lets you connect an HD content source, via HDMI cable, to your HDTV, HDMI-enabled projector, etc. It supports 1080p resolution, letting you enjoy high definition in its richness. This 10 meter cable will serve connections of 10m range and less. It will connect your projector, PC, Blu-Ray player, cable box, PS3, Xbox 360 and any other HDMI-compatible device. This is all about display quality. HDMI connectivity provides high definition transmission that helps you enjoy immersive visuals and audio. When you want digital HD transmission of visuals and audio, with no distortions and interference, the HDMI connction is the way to go
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